Monday, July 14, 2003

Driving school....On friday a man came to pick me up for a three hour driving session. The man turned out to be a bit off. He likes cats. ahhh so the next day i had to go to an 8 hour class where they made sure to let me know that "parking on the sidewalk is not ok". then came sunday i went out to drive again and passed my road test so i got a certificate to get my license and i dont have to test at the DMV. wooohoo.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean a few days ago and i loved it soooo much. It was such a good movie. Go see it! You will love it!

I am loving summer and from here it can only get better...vacation...birthday wooohooo.

well thats all for now hope that everyone is having an awesome day!xoxoxoxxoxo

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