Friday, July 18, 2003

Minnesota...I have been here for three days and i love it! The weather is beautiful, clear skies and 70 degrees (with 70 percent humidity...yikes!) On thursday the fam went down to "ValleyFair" (its another six flags!) I suprised myself...i went on a ride called "steel venom" that goes over 70 mph woo. We took an old fashion photo, and had one of my favorite things....homeade mini donuts...mmmmm. Today was a day that girls and boys can appreciate. A fun filled day at--- mall of america---. 4 floors of stores and an amusement park in the middle. Oh yeah. Tomorrow we head off to my uncles lake house. He has a thing called "The Blob Launcher" i'm excited to see how high i can get.

My birthday is in 5 days and i can hardly wait to be 16. Well that all for now. Hope everyone is doing great. si ya on the 22nd! xoxoxoxoxox
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