Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have not written in the longest time due to the fact that, from the flood, my computer has been being cleaned out. But im back.

Tonight was such a wonderful night. Tonight Ty and i preformed a one act called "Do Over" directed by Kenzie. Although both of us had doubts about if we were going to mess up and if we were going to remember our lines we did it. I was so happy with the way that it turned out. Good job Kenzie and Ty!

I still love having my license. Its wonderful indeed. I have found lately though that some people are just stupid drivers. Tonight i was driving home and some guys just drove by and flipped me off. Now was that necessary i ask? seriously boo.

Fall Break was .......different. I spent all my days waking up early and finding myself at school. At night i hung out with a bunch of kids that go to Corona that i have not seen in ages. It was good i suppose.

I would like to thank Kenzie and Ty for always being there to talk to!

Well thats all for me xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

Oh and Donald have no fear the package will be coming to NY!

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