Sunday, November 02, 2003


Haunted house- This was such a good halloween because of the efforts of theatre company. Our haunted house was so awesome. Of course you have those jerks who go through and go, " Dude Samara whats up " or some lame comment like "Oh no here comes the ring girl". Is it necessary to ruin the scaryness of this particular part of the haunted house for the others? no. However going through a haunted house you also scare the crap out of people which is oh so fulfilling.

After the haunted house- Ok so quinn sits on the stage and he tells of Eldrige. Oh man it was horribly scary.

Saturday- Saturday night was so flipin fun. I went to cast vs. Crew kickball where the cast rocked so hard. After kickball some kids went to best buy. After most of the crowd had left Chelsea, Ty, and I all stayed at best buy and downloaded a ton of songs and had a dance party in the middle of Best Buy. It was so awesome. I loved it so much. Thanks for the fun times kids.

Well i hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and a lovely rest of the night! xoxxoxxoxo
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