Sunday, November 16, 2003

I found this poem:

I Know Something Good About You

Wouldn't this old world be better,
If the folks we meet would say,
'I know something good about you',
And then treat us just that way.

Wouldn't it be fine and dandy,
If each handclasp warm and true,
Carried with it this assurance,
'I know something good about you'.

Wouldn't things here be more pleasant,
If the good that's in all,
Were the only things about us,
That folks bothered to recall.

Wouldn't life be lots more happy,
If we'd praise the good we see,
For there's such a lot of goodness,
In the worst of you and me.

Wouldn't it be nice to practice,
This fine way of thinking too--
'You know something good about me,
I know something good about you!'

~Author unknown~

I think that this is such a cute poem and i have noticed lately that so many people are mad or angry with one another and i think that if we all just looked for the good in one another than all of us would be so much happier. So if you happen to meet someone on the street that you dont care for too much just think about this poem and something good about them.

Well thats all for now! I hope that everyone has a lovely week. will write soon. xoxoxoxxoxoox

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