Saturday, November 08, 2003

This week:

This entire week has been full of rehersals for "The night Thoreau spent in Jail". Everyone has been working so hard and on Thursday night it all showed. Everything from the props to the acting went well. I was so impressed with everyone who worked on this show! Good Job! Friday night also went very well. Tonight is the last night of the show and i am so excited i could burst.

In other news. I love football. I love football when the weather is beautiful and cold as well. And it appears that i will be able to go to some more games because we won last night 19 to 0. So we are in the playoffs! wooohooo. Yay! and whats even better is that Corona lost last night so ha take that Corona! heheh

Well thats all for now i will write back soon. xoxxoxoxoxoxxooxxo

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