Monday, December 15, 2003


-Christmas is in 10 days and its wierd but for some reason it just doesnt seem like it. I hear all of the christmas music and i have gotten all of my gifts to give and i have even began to bake but for some reason my spirit isnt there.Perhaps it is the weather.Oh christmas spirit come back!

-Yesterday Jack and I went to see "Stuck on You". Jack is my stupid movie friend! It was quite fun though. I enjoyed it.

-I am crazy excited for Allysia and Jaclyn for making it into NYU! Yay! I am so excited to go to college where ever that may be. It looks like so much fun!

-Currently my ears are ringing with my sister and her friends caroling to our own house over and over and over again. oh my... hehhe

-I am so worried for finals. I hope i do ok and to everyone else...I hope that you do ok too.

-Sorry i dont blog alot sometimes i forget.

-Well thats all for now i hope that everyone has a wonderful night and a glorious day tomorrow! xoxoxoxoxxoxo

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