Sunday, March 09, 2003

My weekend....Well i said adios to our foreign exchange student and then Kenzie and i had a lazy fun time! Last night i was with Jack, Matt, Trevor, Donlad, AJ, Chris, Suneal, and Jenn and i had so much fun. After about 15 minutes of draging matt around by donalds car, in a large drum case, the boys decided it was milk challange time. For one hour i sat and watched the boys drink an entire gallon of milk .Toward the end the puking order went as follows Matt, Donald, AJ, and then Trevor. Amazingly though AJ was able to finish the entire thing before he puked it was so awesome. Thanks for the entertainment boys! Besides that....the musical was cast! woohooo it is soooo much fun and i love it tons. Congrats to everyone who got cast or is on crew! Well thats all, have a great day! xoxoxoxoxxo

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