Thursday, December 18, 2003


The finals have been taken and at last break is here. I must admit I, like many others, have been anticipating this break for a long time! I am so excited for break so that i can see all of the fun alumni that are coming back and hang out with everyone. Yay Break!

I found out today that i got an 83% on my math final. I was indeed very excited about that because math isnt really my forte.

Well i hope that everyone did very well on there finals and that everyone is having a spectacular day and a spectacular week and i will be writing again soon. If anyone needs anything i am here for you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Chelsea and i left the ever so eventful Chemistry class yesterday and went to Einstein and to Del Taco. mmmmm We then went to Barnes and Noble where we followed Craig around the store like stalkers! woooo. It was so halarious.

I took my math final today! blah i hate math. I really hope that i did ok on it. I am just worried because i found myself second guessing my initial answer.

Alyx wrote in her blog again! Yay Alyx!

I am ready for break are you?

Well that is all for now i will post again soon! xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, December 15, 2003


-Christmas is in 10 days and its wierd but for some reason it just doesnt seem like it. I hear all of the christmas music and i have gotten all of my gifts to give and i have even began to bake but for some reason my spirit isnt there.Perhaps it is the weather.Oh christmas spirit come back!

-Yesterday Jack and I went to see "Stuck on You". Jack is my stupid movie friend! It was quite fun though. I enjoyed it.

-I am crazy excited for Allysia and Jaclyn for making it into NYU! Yay! I am so excited to go to college where ever that may be. It looks like so much fun!

-Currently my ears are ringing with my sister and her friends caroling to our own house over and over and over again. oh my... hehhe

-I am so worried for finals. I hope i do ok and to everyone else...I hope that you do ok too.

-Sorry i dont blog alot sometimes i forget.

-Well thats all for now i hope that everyone has a wonderful night and a glorious day tomorrow! xoxoxoxoxxoxo

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