Saturday, December 27, 2003

Can i just begin by saying that "Lord Of the Rings III" was in a word......amazing. I totally loved it! I went and saw it with Jack and can i just say there were a few tears. I totally recommend it! "I cannot carry the ring.....but i can carry you". tear...tear....tear.

Christmas was lovely and i hope that everyone had a fantastic christmas and got everything that they wanted!

I feel like i havent seen anyone from school in a while. I hope that i do soon. It makes my heart sad.

Well i am pulling an all nighter due to the fact that i am making some friends breakfast at 5:30 am and really at this hour...whats the use of sleep?

Well everyone have a wonderful night and a fantastic day tomorrow! xoxoxoxxoxoxo

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Sunday night I went on quite an adventure with my family. We went to Tucson. It all just started off wrong. We took the longest possible way to get there and we couldn’t listen to any fast music while doing this due to the fact that my great grandmother was in the car. Instead I settled for Coldplay (which was just fine with me). We finally get up there and surprisingly there is a ton of people at this place. Then my grandma proceeded to tell me and my sister that all of the couples come up here and look at the lights and all that jazz. Then our horse and trolley arrived. Then for a total of one hour we went through a neighborhood that was all lit up with bright lights and we all sang. Now for those of you who know me I am truly like one of the worst singers ever but I did it I sang. The ride home was much longer. We dropped my great grandmother off at my grandmas and I remember thinking...that I will never forget this experience. My great grandfather always used to say (when we were frowning or complaining) "Smile your making a memory". He was right.

Today is Christmas Eve and I am excited! Tonight all of the family will come over and we will do a little gift exchange and then off to bed. Tomorrow morning we will be so excited to see what Santa has brought to our house. Christmas will be a bit different this year not bad by any means just different.

Well everyone have a lovely day today and tomorrow! xoxxoxoxo Happy Holidays!

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