Saturday, January 31, 2004

"Do Over" was so fantastic! I was so happy with the way that it all came together. So thank you to everyone who worked so hard and to everyone who came!

Today we went to Tucson. It was so fun! The bus ride wasnt even that bad. To make a long story rather short....I am so proud of everyone! "Who made Robert DeNiro king of America" went sooooo well. Everyone loved it. After the show the cast went back to change and the crew packed everything up and then, due to a ton of wind, chelsea and i had our very own music video/photo shoot time! it was so fun! Then we had eegeez mmmmmm sooo good! We ended up going back to the theatre and we found out that the show earned the raiting of Superior! I was sooo proud of everyone!

Well thats about all for now i will write soon xoxoxoxoxoxox
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